Loneliness is just another illusion.

The gaps between where we are, what we think we are sensing or feeling, the ways in which we construct meanings and narratives around these senses, our resources and ability to express our subjectivity as clearly or as persuasively as we can to others and to interpret what they are trying to communicate to us. This is the joy and the satisfaction of relationships, literature art and culture and the whole cut and thrust of being alive. If we were to see clearly, be lifted from our faulty physicalities and connect more directly somehow to the world and the other minds around us, to know and understand it all with omnipotence and instantaneity, well this would be to merge with something much bigger and more God-like. Maybe this is what happens when we die, when we hatch from our isolated island selves, climb out of the river of time and are introduced to a new dimension.

In the meantime, we just try and connect as meaningfully as we can, to ourselves and to others and to a sense of purpose. Wherever we can find it. I think that this is what we are trying to do when we connect with someone else in a loving relationship, or fall in love in any shape and form. Trying to make meaningful connections outside the loneliness of our own subjectivity, and extend ourselves outwards. We dont realise we are already intricately and indelibly connected to everything, always. Loneliness is just another illusion.

Taken from a blog post called "The Science of Happiness / Slaves to the Machine Screen" found on a blog called"I Wonder What It Is And Where It Comes From? Trying to make sense of the everyday"