i remember the first time i heard your voice -

Has anybody...um talked to you about the financial arrangments?
Well that depends natuarly on how long you want me for...and...what you want to do.
Err...I know you...It would be very nice
Um well I'd like to spend the evening with you...if its... if you'd like that
Have you ever been with a woman... before?
You like it?
I mean I have a feeling that that turns you on very particularly
Well it turns me on because i have a good imagination and I like... pleasing...
Do you mind if I take my sweater off?
Well I think when in the confines of ones house, one should be... free of clothing and inhibitions...
Oh inhibitions are so nice because they're so nice to overcome...
Don't be afraid... I'm not.
As long as you don't err hurt me more than I like to be hurt... I will do anything you ask.
You should never be ashamed of things like that... I mean you mustn't be.
You know there's nothing wrong, nothing... nothing is wrong.
I think the only way that any of us can ever be happy is to... is to let it all hang out, you know,
Do it all and fuck it.