Fire to The Prisons

Fire to the Prisons is an insurrectionary anarchist quarterly magazine distributed across the world. With every issue, we provide across the web, a free pdf link of the new issue, for people that can't afford to purchase copies, or more importantly, for people to re-print and re-distribute the issue in their parts of the world, and for the benefit of their projects and comrades in need of legal funds. If you do intend to print this in your area, it is good for us to know, not only making us happy with an awareness of its distribution, but also helps us to know where to try and distribute them ourselves. If you feel like telling us where your distributing them please also contact us via email. Fire to the Prisons hopes to contribute to a consistent awareness of repression faced by anarchists, native struggles, animal and ecological movements, and general repression conducted to discontent individuals. We report on riotous and insurrectionary activity across the world, with the intention to connect a common contempt for constraint, and a common desire for liberation. We also hope to use this as a bias forum for critique and analysis when confronting domination in all its forms.