KZO "Hallowed Ground" Autumn | Winter 2009 collection.

Amazing new collection featuring coated and textured wools/cottons, slim fitted plaids, work wear jeans (our personal favorite) and utility coats. We also love the Cinematic Journal limited edition Magazine which they released to go with the collection. If you go here there's a link allowing you to download the mag in PDF format

KZO is “Cinematic Fashion” | ditransitive verb: the art of holding captive visual narratives; drama, moods, & voices for each season’s collection. Fashion company located in Los Angeles in the Arts District, a physical ground zero anchoring the DNA of KZO. Each season’s collection is designed with a cinematic process, beginning with a video treatment, soundtrack, and visual storyboards; telling a tightly focused story. Every picture tells a story, every KZO collection evokes a deeply held emotion. Visual Narratives = international visceral fashion touchstones. Universal stylistic plot line that runs through each/every collection: exquisite fabrics, obsessive attention to fit, minimalist, provocative, textures, indie, global – all through a USA/West Coast lens.
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